Fall 2016

Reel to Real - "Reel to Real" is the new release available on "Staubgold". The music was compiled from live reel to reel recordings I did at my home studio back in the early 80's. This recording best represents the solo music I was writing while still playing in the band "Liquid Liquid". Check out the interview I did with Daniel Blumin on WFMU regarding the making of ?reel to real". Also check out the staubgold label for your copy.

Electronic Music - I have signed with the electronic German music label "Bureau B" to release my next early electronic music compilation. Most of the recording will be songs already released from my out of print recordings from the 1980's. I am excited to be part of a label that releases music the early pioneers in electronic music. Release date: Spring 2016 www.bureaub.com

New Music (untitled) - The recording is moving forward now at the mixing stage. It seems like forever working on this, but I have finally getting close! Release date:TBD

Under the Stars - I wrote in the early 90's original music for live Planetarium concerts around the state of New Jersey. I have finally put together a compilation of live music taken from those live concerts. Release date: Spring 2016

Liquid Liquid - The reissue of the three EP's plus a bonus LP of "Liquid Idiot" & "the Idiot Orchestra" are available now on Superior Viaduct . Check out the website where to purchase your copies at www.superiorviaduct.com

Young/Bally - We recorded a few years back our first electric guitar improvisation recording "Volume 1". Due to the interest in the first recording we are planning a follow-up starting soon.

Water Torture Chamber Music - Plans for a new recording in 2016 but nothing confirmed. Go to the David Axelrod website for details about the band and past recordings.

Artwork - What began as an extensive of my music has now evolved into a series of abstract paintings that include tribal masks etc...Check out my website for details that also includes the link to the short film I did a few years back. Also, have a you tube channel now called "Art from the Edge".

As always thanks for listening!


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