Summer 2014

Summer is here with more news to report!

Experimental Music — I will be releasing later this year experimental music I recorded at my home studio back in the early 80's on the music label Staubgold. They are based in France and have released a number of experimental recordings.

New Music — The recording is slowly moving forward. It seems like forever working on this recording but I finally have the musicians in place for the much needed overdubs. Release date:TBD

Bally/Young "Volume 1" — With only two electric guitars & an assortment of effect boxes this is music of different moods and intensity that was recorded live with no overdubs. We got a great review in "Wire" Magazine and there are plans for another recording. It is available here and thru various digital outlets.

"Shadow(acoustic version)" — This is the acoustic version of "Shadow" This stripped down version really brought out the dark emotional qualities I was looking for when I first set out to make this recording back in 2006. It is available here & thru various digital outlets.

Planetarium Music — I had both the honor & privilege of performing live my music at various Planetarium?s around the state of New Jersey back in 1994. I have finally put together music from those concerts called "Under the Stars" Release date: Fall 2014

Radio Show — I will be joining "The Core" 90.3 FM with a weekly music show later this year. They are an independent radio station based in central NJ at Rutgers University. More as this develops?

Artwork — What began as an extensive of my creativity thru music has now evolved into a series of modern paintings. Check out my website www.artfromedge.com for details including the new documentary about my artwork. Finally, I have a kid's picture book available called "Go Figure" that you can download at www.gofigurebooks.com or at www.amazon.com

As always thanks for listening!


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