Winter 2016

Happy New Year!

This year will bring another reissue of my early solo music and a new recording.

"Wave" — The electronic German music label "Bureau B" will release my next music compilation called "Wave". This music was taken from songs I recorded at my home studio in the 80's from the best of my three out of print electronic music recordings. I am very excited to be part of a label that releases the early pioneers of electronic music. Release date: Spring 2016 www.bureaub.com

Reel to Real — The music was compiled from live reel to reel recordings I did at my home studio in the early 80's. Released on Staubgold in 2015 at www.staubgold.com

New Music (untitled) — I have finally finished mixing what looks to be an EP worth of new music. I am in talks with a few independent labels to make this finally happen. Release date: TBD

Liquid Liquid — The reissue of the three EP's plus a bonus LP of "Liquid Idiot" & "the Idiot Orchestra" music is now available thru Superior Viaduct released in 2015. Check out their website to purchase your copies at www.superiorviaduct.com

Young/Bally — We recorded a few years back our first electric guitar improvisation recording "Volume 1". We are planning a follow-up sometime in 2016. Also, copies are available at $10.00 shipping included. Email me if interested?

Under the Stars — I wrote in the early 90's original music for live Planetarium concerts I did around the state of New Jersey. I put together a compilation of live music taken from those live concerts. Release date: Summer 2016

Early Solo Music — Someone recently requested copies of my cassette only electronic releases "Concepts" & Reflections" & "Quest". They are still available for $10.00 each with free shipping. Email me if interested? Not many left!

Artwork — What began as an extensive of my music has now evolved into a series of abstract paintings that include liquid art, tribal masks, etc"...Check out my website for details.

As always thanks for listening!


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